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Where have all the nice guys gone? Why you girls are stuck dating players and losers….


Woe to the single woman in search of the single nice guy. What to say, with spring approaching and the hormones itching? That said I couldn’t help lifting another facebook dialogue that extols the diabolic nature of meeting nice guys. Clue ladies- this author is not entirely convinced you are looking for nice guys, but before I get more into that let’s have a candid look at Candice Valentine‘s facebook status:

“Everyone thinks its time for me to find a nice guy……… Where are you nice guy? I am here.”

Yes- where are the nice guys? Let’s find out…

Kids I am shaking in my stilettos- where have the nice guys gone? Assholes, married, men who treat women like crap ( why do I get the feeling women lunge after guys like these?) and let’s not forget the common perception that most men are gay (they are not).

Well- let’s see if I can have a stab at this ladies?



  1. The nice guys have been ignored, mistreated, and taken advantage of by women their whole lives. Now they are assholes & players, and women love them.

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