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The perfect boyfriend checklist- do you make the cut?


I’ll be honest- I just don’t think I make a good boyfriend to most women out there- and it’s not for the most obvious reasons that you would think (yes- I tend to be loyal, believe it or not). For one I’m messy- extremely messy, I hate shopping, I’m selfish, I ‘m prone to looking at other women even if we are together, I’m often too deep in my own mind, I can be insensitive, extremely insensitive and as an artist/writer/cum publisher I’m not exactly rolling in the dough even if I am living the dream- whatever dreams are supposed to mean. That said upon my recent experiences and an article I came across in jezebel– I started to ponder- ‘what the hell makes the perfect boyfriend- and what the heck is a checklist and what’s on that checklist?’

The last time I checked boyfriends are those type of humans that make most women feel lovely and bubbly, well, so I have been told. But I think if we are to really understand what qualifies for a ‘good boyfriend’ we have to spend a moment defining what a boyfriend actually is. Makes sense right?

So here’s a quick mental checklist of what I think a boyfriend means and what he doesn’t mean ladies:

It means

1/ A man who takes the time to love you for whom you are, faults and bolts.

2/ A man who is willing to share your life and experiences with you- and I don’t mean just the booty calls you send out to us but also the tough and distressing ones too.

3/ A man who is willing to sit down and listen to your life dilemmas and while you break down there in front of him- you pretend you know the answers or at least are capable of calming her down.

4/ A man you introduce to your significant others, family and friends because we make you feel good and loved.

5/ A man you confide in and trust as you go ahead in the daily struggles of being you. In other words a man who ultimately helps you feel good about you.



  1. neat, i like this! it`s true, and well wrote out, me and my friends agree that this IS the PERFECT boy-friend!

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