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The perfect boyfriend checklist- do you make the cut?


A Hollywood relationship?


I realize that to someone in their 20s, the notion of throwing away the “ideal” relationship can sound, perhaps, frightening. But to me, looking back on that relationship I wanted in my 20s seems very suffocating whereas now the possibilities seem completely open and refreshing and more inclusive of the whole person. The person I see myself becoming is one who seeks to judge much less and much more explore life with and through someone else’s perspective(s).’

I have to say I really love this line below:

‘It’s the spaces in-between the items on our lists that make a relationship worthwhile.’


And that so much hints at the idea that sometimes what we really fall for, or should consider yielding to are the things that never make it foremost in our minds- the in between spaces, the unchecked boxes- because to be candid last time I looked out the window, life has a lot of unchecked boxes, despite our desire for certainty and preferred dispositions.

So ladies next time you sit down and make that mental checklist just be aware whom you end up going out with and calling your significant other may indeed surprise you and ultimately deeply please you. But just remember, I’m one hell of a messy guy (I have a million notebooks and scraps of paper on the floor…) and as much as I profess sensitivity, I can be quite insensitive, but hopefully that wont stop you loving a guy like me, even if I don’t look like a Ralph Lauren model anymore or wear tight fitting ab showing tops, even if in my mind I still think I’m that guy in my youth that used to pounce the European catwalks. Which is to say, I’m still developing my identity as much as you ladies are…even if it’s still imperfect.

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  1. neat, i like this! it`s true, and well wrote out, me and my friends agree that this IS the PERFECT boy-friend!

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