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Shouldn’t You Be Like Celebs and Make $500,000 a Year with Twitter


Need further incentive to Tweet other than the urge to let the world know how awesome, exciting, delectable and infinitely scrumptious you are?  Then maybe you too should step up your game and start getting paid by the Tweet…

While at first this seems endlessly retweetable if anything, few Twats (the new plural of Tweeters) or bloggers have been willing to stop thumb-bumping long enough to point out that such numbers mean that by typing less than 140 characters these ‘celebs’ have been ‘earning’ more than most Americans families can make in a month of hard labor, and more than most ‘writers’ have historically made in their lives. No wonder CNN 22% under-employment… it’s all in Snoop Dogg’s Twitter fund.

But doesn’t all this betray social media’s biggest secret: it takes labor to produce online content. And after all, why else are you Tweeting? Aren’t you’re a celebrity hopeful or writer, an artist, or whatever, and doesn’t that mean you should value your time?

Couldn’t this precedent of paying for using social media signal what’s to come? That in short the artist or writer is no more than the laborer of the digital era. ( A quick peek over the desk can see our editor brutally nodding).

Has anyone else even considered that the romanticized ideals of being a writer, artist have long been corrupted, even brutally co-opted all to make mindlessly working for every second of your life seem so unbearably fun?

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