Home Scandal and Gossip This week’s jack ass of the week goes to Olaf Sverri Peterson.

This week’s jack ass of the week goes to Olaf Sverri Peterson.


If only Olaf could piss straight in the passenger aisles.

Have you heard of Olaf Sverri Peterson? Well if you haven’t , allow us to introduce him to you- he’s the newest sensation making headlines these days courtesy of his remarkable antics on a recent flight bound from Mexico City to Frankfurt, which was caused to be diverted to Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.
News.com.au reports:

Olaf Sverri Peterson, 45 of the Faroe Islands, was charged with engaging in behavior that endangered a plane in flight, public disturbance, public indecency and interfering with the lawful use of public property. His behavior included an air rage incident in which he yelled, swore, and urinated in the aisle of a Lufthansa plane.

Of course what the world wants to know is what set poor Olaf off and if somehow those Germans said something that just completely irked him or was it perhaps as one suspects one of those special days where all else hells breaks if Ola isn’t home restrained to his electric chair the way he is on most quiet week days?

Before his court appearance, Constable Suzanne Fitzgerald told VOCM Newfoundland radio that Peterson showed signs of impairment during the flight. It was believed he had been surreptitiously drinking alcohol.

Of course what Constable Suzanne failed to realize is that Olaf spends most days impaired and that day on the flight was no exception.

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