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Oh No…Burger King Wants to Kill Us Too!

As if accessing their tasty but extremely unhealthy food wasn’t easy enough, now the fast food chain Burger King wants to start selling their products in our local freezer aisles. French fries to be exact, which just so happen to be even more fattening than the actual burgers on the menu. Now we all know that McDonald’s fries never molds, but does BK put the same deathly chemicals in their food too? If so, I’m taking the Oprah Don’t Buy Burger King’s Frozen Fries’ petition for everyone to sign.

Some of you may have already seen their products in grocery stores but if you haven’t don’t get too jealous because in a few months BK will officially start selling their crinkle cut French fries, King Kolossalz extra-large fries, and King Wedgez seasoned potato wedges. You know what, in five minutes I’m calling my lawyer and asking him if I can sue BK for trying to kill me with their fattening ass food. Don’t get me wrong, I know that we all have the right to decide what food goes into out bodies, but don’t you think this fast food chain is helping children become fatter than they already are?

Speaking of children, BK thought they were doing us all favors by also selling their apple fries come this fall; but what the hell is healthy about apples that not only resemble French fries but are obviously a processed food if it’s in the freezer aisle.

We Americans need to stop giving these fast food chains the power to put our asses in an early grave. Let’s boycott Burger King!!

Source: MoneyCentral
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