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Sally Shan’s dating life is tearing her apart and she wants you to know about it.


Will Sally Shan ever find love?

Oh well here’s a tough one. By now most of you have heard of Sally Shan, designated nightlife promoter media whore that has half of New York appalled and most of NJ tragically endeared to her. This week in the continued adventures of Sally Shan and her 24/7 pr machine she lets us into the horrible mess that is tearing her apart. The situation you wonder? Well, we’ll let Sally tell you below in her Facebook announcement, but essentially it’s something about some boy who keeps stalking her and tormenting her or is it really the other way round?

Anyway you all took the time to respond to Sally’s pleas of concern, but knowing Sally, she could probably use (enjoy) another thousand suggestions, and while you’re at it- please don’t forget to reserve for your $600 bottle reservation right now, courtesy of Sally of course.

The dilemmas of a nightclub media whore:

Yes Sally, it’s getting annoying, but you know the old saying- ‘love will always prevail.’ Let’s continue reading further responses…

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Sally does Donald TRUMP.

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