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Hollywood Mistresses, Hollywood Moguls and the newest courtroom drama appearing on your TV screen soon…


Anthony Hopkins, Leslie and Robert Zemeckis.

“Baby, don’t I take care of you?” he’d say, still keeping the purse strings tight. He had changed in the past couple months. Sure he had bought her the condo in Westwood recently in addition to her annual new car, but all of a sudden he’d become tight with cash.

Why wouldn’t he front her a few thousand? She didn’t understand this sudden change of heart.

“You’ll get all those millions soon enough,” Nick assured her. And she would, when she was thirty – six long years away.

Peeling off her top she revealed a new black lace La Perla push up. She didn’t mind not having much of a chest to push up. Nat knew she looked hot. Hot enough to regularly make the papers. Though this week she would rather they write about Lindsay or Jessica or Rosalee St. Cyr.”

Agreeably not anything that Ernest Hemingway or Simone de Beauvoir would hold dear to their hearts, but then again who would have thought sleeping with married sporting heroes and having a full blown live divorce (Jon and Kate Gosselin) take place on your television set would somehow hold the public imagination and leave one’s bank manager feeling very smug? For better or worse the current cultural terrain, with aspirant socialites being heralded for nothing more than being pictured enough times by society photographer and media whore Patrick McMullan, or that using ones cleavage in the proximity of well to do gents could somehow now succour one a glamorous life where once society would have eschewed you.

Currently in town to receive her husband’s new documentary Behind the Burly Q about the history of burlesque in America, Star has been interestingly quiet in the current fracas. According to Daily Beast she very much intends for the book to come out but what version of it and what exactly comes out is contentious given the various reputations at stake. The film, itself focuses on Zemeckis and her producing partner Sheri Hellard interviews with dozens of strippers, musicians, and other members of the “burly circuit,” which publicly comes out in select theaters on Friday.

To say that we live in very heady times with a complicit media that cynically tears apart duplicitous behavior yet all the while hungrily pandering toward it is an understatement, is it then any surprise that any moral or aesthetic values have long gone out the window?

It’ll be interesting to see if the book comes out, and in what state, but one thing is for sure, smut, cleavage and lots of photogenic presence is the new game in town and Mr Nederpelt knows it even if the Zemeckis camp don’t want you to know that they are somehow part of it. But then again- New York is just an extension of Hollywood and if Staar is her own aspirant media whore/mistress then we have to give the media, and we have to include Gawker and sister journals like TMZ, Perez HILTON, and to some degree – panache sleaze courtesy of Mr Richard Johnson’s sexy little number over at page 6, NY Post – a resounding applause- because they have become the real mistresses of Hollywood. It’ll be interesting to watch that all come out in court. Either way we’re betting sales are going to go through the roof, spelling mistakes aside…