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Hollywood Mistresses, Hollywood Moguls and the newest courtroom drama appearing on your TV screen soon…



this may perhaps expose some private details of how a supposed Hollywood nymph and her husband live. It’s no secret that Mrs Zemeckis (herself a Hollywood actress) has been romantically linked to men like Clinton and Jagger (or so her website Staar declares) and that she has the looks and sassy sex appeal of famed film legend Rita Hayworth. By day distinguished wife of Robert Zemeckis (one supposes…) and by night her own alter ego – Staar, who cavorts and sings in burlesque ennui and who publicly claims a predilection towards a wide array of well to do partners. A fact that the Zemeckis camp may want to keep very hush. When this author pressed for excerpts from the petitioned book he was unfortunately denied but perhaps a reading of some of Star’s earlier work may hold some answers:

“Natalie sat on her six-foot long magenta sofa surrounded by the latest issues of People, US and Glamour. Entertainment Tonight blared from the flat-screen TV in the darkened room. On the plush carpet the color of cotton candy, next to the freshly delivered pizza box, lay three new pairs of Jimmy Choos; gold open-toed stilettos, fuchsia silk pumps and calf-high brown suede boots…”(A good collection of FM shoes to add to her already expansive collection.)

If she was going to be hiding out she was going to do it armed with new loot, junk food, trashy magazines and television.

“Shit!” A dime-sized drop of marinara sauce dripped down Nat’s all-white cashmere Juicy’s. She dabbed at her top, brand new from Neiman’s not three hours old. A half dozen shopping bags lay tossed across the carpet. She’d had a very good day. Done over $8,000 damage – and that was just in an hour. Yoyo, her personal shopper at Neimans, was an overly hip Korean woman with purple streaks in her hair and the clout to get Natalie most anything she wanted to fit her size 2 bod. Yoyo had wanted her to buy a fox fur trimmed trench coat. “Armani’s for older women,” Natalie protested, which saved her another $9,000. Or rather saved Nick, her father. All personal credit card bills were sent directly to his business manager as part of Natalie’s allowance. A mere “pittance” she complained. She’d been trying to squeeze more money from her trust fund to no avail.

“If all the papers call me a trust fund baby,” she’d argue with Nick, “shouldn’t I have the spending power?”