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Hollywood Mistresses, Hollywood Moguls and the newest courtroom drama appearing on your TV screen soon…

Leslie Zemeckis otherwise known as STAAR.

At first when Staar, as she likes to go, a burlesque dancer and conniver/mistress of the Hollywood jet set decided to put pen to paper back in 2008 her efforts were ridiculed and lampooned by tabloid powerhouse journal Gawker who called her efforts at best derivative, cliched and prone to giving one a grandiose headache should one attempt to read her ‘aspirant chick lit.’ That of course caught the attention of Drew Nederpelt of power house publishing house Sterling and Ross who flew over to Hollywood to see if he could straighten things out. Of course when he arrived she casually mentioned to Mr Nederpelt that her real name was Leslie Zemeckis. Curious he then asked whether if she was somehow related to behemoth Hollywood producer Robert Zemeckis, producer of such hits as Back to the Future, Polar Express, and Forrest Gump. She casually looked at him and explained that Mr Zemeckis was in fact her husband. That of course didn’t deter the stumped Mr Nederpelt who if anything must have been dizzily turned on by the prospect of publishing a book about slutty behavior, mistresses and how to survive as one, penned of course by the wife of one of Hollywood’s biggest players. Who also wasn’t deterred was Staar as she reached over and whispered into a then giddy Mr Nederpelt’s ear “I’ll give you a book that you will never forget.”

Forward to the present and Mrs Zemeckis has exactly done that but not in the way Mr Nederpelt ever imagined. What follows is the horror and joy of metaphorically going to bed with Hollywood vixens and the resultant hangovers, and waking up with a throbbing headache. A book ready to go, sitting in warehouses hangers, Staar suddenly called via her lawyers “who said this could all go away,” to announce to Mr Nederpelt that if he went through with bringing out the book to the public, titled HOW TO LIVE LIKE A MISTRESS (And Reap the Rewards!), he would have one hell of a fight on his hands in court. To date Sterling and Ross have been presented with a $150 000 lawsuit, which of course they have counter sued…

This all seemed very odd to the baffled Mr Nederpelt until he then remembered Staar is married to Mr Zemeckis who he reckons when finally catching wind of the whole project must’ve groaned and moaned with the realization of what his wife had done. It was then when the strange phone calls came and a Hollywood mistress had now initially timidly but now brazenly begun threatening to sue Mr Nederpelt and the publishing house Sterling and Ross should the book ever go to press. Of course if you know anything