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The pathetic fixtures of New York High Society.



Tinsley Mortimer being uber fabulous.

“But why should I care who any of these people are?” you ask?


Well you shouldn’t, at all. But that gets us into a long sociological discussion of celebrity culture in America that we don’t necessarily have time for today.


Well, Chiara, like you I am going to spare the kids the social economic lesson because I agree it’s long winded and beyond the IQ of most of your readers, that said I would like to pause to consider that society is in its proper context ” is the amalgamation of the collective deeds of a group of individuals whose intent it is to bring homage and awareness to the causes they so mercilessly devote their attention to.”

The irony in this case in regards to this collective group of no gooders is that instead of giving attention to social causes, these buffoons (sorry Devorah, we can leave you out of this…) is that these kids are all in it for their own self aggrandizement (see that’s a big word, and we know you kids over at a Pest of a Guest have no bloody idea what it means, and frankly I’m not going to bother teaching you, but only to suggest, you are all capricious wanna be’s that shamelessly use the guise of social causes, galas, fetes, fickle parties (C’mon Malik, you know the parties you give are boring, and all you do is beg to be photographed by every primadonna with a camera…) to serve your own interests instead of that of the cause at hand. A true socialite would never ever behave this way, but since pest of a Guest said it’s okay, and they get off on reporting on your shenanigans (like us naturally…) let the character breakdown (we mean character assassination) begin…

Tinsley Mortimer; otherwise known as Tipsy Mortimer is suppose to mean something to New York, because she is half way photogenic, loved shamelessly by Pest of a Guest’s editor in Chief Rachelle Hruska (who on a personal note if you must know I actually enjoy saying hello to whenever we cross paths) and is gulp a sweet heart and now separated wife of some big wig who comes from money.

Tabloid Sleaze and the players that make it!

Pest of a Guest- Tinsley Mortimer.

Rachelle Hruska: Having to get up at 6am to give you the gossip and glamour you love.

Rachelle Hruska and Scallywag. Photo taken by Keith Lew.


  1. These girls have a great time and are a great marketing tool for fashion companies, stop bein so jealous! Bob

  2. Your making these people more famous by even writing about them. I live in NYC and I’ve never even heard of them. Who cares? These people will always exist as long as our society remains somewhat in tact. They’ll never live in reality because they never know what it means to be uncomfortable or stressed. It’s not their fault just the way they were born. But their still humans dealing the cards they’ve got, though money comes with a huge price and I don’t envy them. Judging and calling them names is really immature and just makes you look bad. I would pay attention to myself and not buy into anything you don’t believe in, and forgive people, life is crazy.

  3. – good news- it looks like Scallywag is doing well– for this I am glad- good for him he works hard and he deserves it.

  4. I spent most of my life in Manhattan, and I’ve never heard of any of the people mentioned in the article…which is probably for the best. Are they really humans?

  5. show details 6:38 PM (18 hours ago)
    I actually do do good. I helped my friend Skye organize his life as an artist which has led to jobs with you. I do not date moneybags what so ever. Everyone I’ve ever dated I have been independent of. I have been with the same man for two years now we do not live together nor do we exchange gifts. It is ok to come from money as long as you give back and I do. I even run marathons, three the next coming Sundays if you would like witness or come run alongside me. Everything that was made to appear to be how I act was cut and pasted together. I was in shock. It was all to make Tinsley look like an angel and Dabney Mercer has lost me as a friend. I was completely blinded and used for their sakes. Have a heart and understand how these things work and sometimes people get used in the process. Clearly I did, and I’m humble enough to admit it. It is embarrassing and vile and I do regret ever trusting Dabney Mercer. Even her boyfriend Marc Koch told me that they were using me, but I chose to take her side.

  6. Wow, #1 I dont even know who these people are (except one) and it really amazes me that anyone would find an inch of interest in them.

    Well written and sadly reveling how true the old saying goes, “you can put lipstick on a pig – but it’s still a pig”!..

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