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When fancy dress becomes a permanent state of being, Lady Gaga style


gagaWalking in the New York City Halloween parade on Saturday I counted no less than thirteen Lady Gagas.

Some looked like hot girls dressed up as Gaga, some could actually have been Gaga, and some were nothing more than large middle-aged men in Gaga-specific drag, but they were all unmistakably Gaga-d up. There’s something sort of post-modern about the idea of dressing up as someone who is more or less permanently in fancy dress.

The Lady herself was quoted as saying that she wouldn’t be dressing up this year:

“I’m pretty excited about going out and not dressing up, because I heard that a lot of people are dressing like me. I should do some kind of, like, ‘Where’s Waldo?’ competition? Like ‘Where’s Gaga?’ I’m just gonna not dress up, because I have been unable to just go out and have, like, a good hammered evening out, maybe face-down somewhere in a bar.”

You have to feel for someone who, try as she might to be inconspicuous, just cannot go unnoticed long enough to get plastered in peace. In fact, I like to think that I may have tripped over her at some point last night.

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  • karin moorhouse

    I know the feeling – being a genuine GaGa!!