Home Nightlife Bang On Warehouse of Horrors Halloween party

Bang On Warehouse of Horrors Halloween party

Photography by John Wenrich. Bagn On Halloween Party 2011.

Floating under the guise of costume room to room expecting the unexpected to the vibration of bass from the elaborate DJ setup suspended above the main dance floor, the Bang On Warehouse of Horrors Halloween party was everything one could want from the evening. The kind of party we watched in sitcoms as teenagers, everyone shows up and anything could happen. A sense of endless space created by multiple rooms and dance floors was unspeakably refreshing in a city full of venues so small that sweaty, creepy old men can get away with rubbing into you inappropriately.

Considering the horrific weather, I was pleased to see the turnout had not been affected the masses rallied through the snow and made it to Bang On. 99% of the crowd killed it in costume. (For those of you in quasi-normal clothing, what is wrong with you? Do you enjoy being lame and dampening the mood of a costume party?) Dressing up is something so special about Halloween, creating a persona and running with it to the fullest extent. We saw everything from an elaborate Ancient Egyptian couple to a drunken stranger in a panda suit who got on his knees before us at the bar in efforts to obtain a drink- and would not reveal his identity. (If you were Drunken Panda, you were most certainly a spectacle.)

Liz Hartman and John Wenrich.