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Is Papa Lohan going to Jail?


alg_lohans_split copyTrying to make sense of America’s favorite whack jobs.

It seems the Lohan family has activated its self destruct sequence and it wants us to either help speed the process along, watch with our mouths open, or somehow find it in us to throw chunks of money at them (because getting to keep other people’s money ultimately makes you rich).

In the latest installment of ‘the Rocky Lohan Show,’ Papa Lohan unwittingly defied court restraining orders by calling his ex wife Dina (otherwise known as Mama Lohan). Mama Lohan, not being stupidm, and always on the look out to screw Papa Lohan, taped the conversation in the hope that Papa would step all over it. Of course, Papa Lohan has indeed stepped all over it— we’d say somewhere neck deep.

In the end, the drama is not even palatable anymore and we hope that this cute family take a long needed vacation to hell. Together.
NY Daily News
Leaked tapes could land Michael Lohan in jail – he violated restraining order by calling wife Dina

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