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Hulk Hogan beaten to a pulp in Australia.


hulksteryWhen press conferences turn ugly…

We still haven’t figured out why the Aussies had Hulk Hogan fly over to visit them, but as it turns out the  ‘fake life action hero’  had the crap beaten out of him for his efforts. Reports a jaded news.com.au reporter:

HULK Hogan wore a white bandana on his forehead at a Roosters rugby league team press conference this afternoon after being viciously mauled by ring rival Ric Flair hours earlier when a promotional media call at Star City flew out of control.

This reporter narrowly missed being struck with the table and photographers ducked and weaved as Flair took off his trouser belt and began to whip anyone within range.

Flair mashed Hogan’s face with a belt buckle and jumped on him.

How cute.

Hogan, the rustic hero, has been in Australia (apart from Minnesota, the only other place that will have him) to publicize how pure and pristine he is. Apparently, someone got it into their head that the Hulk was full of it and ripe for a beating. The Hulk must have thought he was back in the ring.
The Hulk rushed back after wiping the blood away, still believing that round 2 was imminent.
Continues the incredulous reporter(Kim Shaw) for news.com.au;
It was wrestling entertainment at its best – not a precise science but a skillful show – and the Hulk later told the media: “It took me about half an hour to get freshened up before I ran back out. It got a bit crazy”.

There are some lifestyles a person just can’t escape. Mainly, that of the entertainer.
News.com.auHulk Hogan ‘attacked’ during press conference.
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