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Google and Microsoft jump on the Twitter bandwagon.


twitter_bird copyTrying to figure out how to make lots of money in America.

If there is one thing Google and Mirosoft like to do, it’s  make lots of money and towards that end they have now jointly invested in the newest social endeavor of narcissism that man kind has invented- Twitter. Even if Twitter (which boasts a roster of 55 million users) hasn’t earned a penny, the big brass know that eventually, as long as there’s a whiff of narcissism, the money will come a rolling in.

Of course, this means that going forward the whole world will be tweeting every micro-move, gesture, and emotion just to make sure you know how your twitter pal is going and that being stuck in a traffic jam is a bitch inconvenience that requires heavy insightful tweeting.

The general idea involves a way to monetize real-time search engines – that way you can Google search what shampoo your Twitter pal is using and how shiny their hair is.

The moral of the story- it may pay to have an ego after all. Not that that had ever stopped you ever before…

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