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SHIPLEY & HALMOS- 70 ft models.


Photography by Arthur Eisenberg. Shipley & Halmos.

Appropriating more of an art gallery fete or store opening as opposed to your typical runway show, the presentation of the Shipley & Halmos Spring 2010 Collection was definitely unique and wildly experimental (dare we wonder if this is the wave of the future?). The models were 70 feet tall, taking over the warehouse walls in projected images of movement but no sound. With the collection hanging off to the side one could easily amble through. 

Done with minimalist verve, mostly in jersey and cotton, with colors ranging from khaki and white, pale blues and faded reds. The line aims to deliver comfort, ease of range with an effortless élan. There was one look in particular that stood out; from the front it was a sheath dress, a thin jersey in baby blue. The back was stunning: the back was cut out with the draping low and across the shoulders was transparent black.

As for the 70 ft models I could have done with some live models but hey this was an art gallery so you kind of got to give it to Shipley & Halmos for their experimental  take. Who knows maybe they’re onto something… 

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