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Swedish Supermodel Scares Half of Sweden.


swedish-supermodelWhen a commercial backfires.


Apoliva, a Swedish maker of beauty products wants to sell you beauty and purity. Instead it’s convinced half of Sweden that it’s selling gaunt and emaciated freaks instead. Welcome to the world of Swedish super model- Adina Fohlin, whose extremely gaunt and emaciated features has led to so much outrage that Facebook groups have formed and sales of APOLIVA products have been decimated.

The Facebook group started by student Anders Hammas is going 100 000 strong and sees no sign of abating as the commercial (see below link) features a young Adina utterly gaunt ( a late night(s) out?) singing in the rain, snow and sleet to a traditional Swedish folk song.

In any event the Swedes aren’t impressed and if we could suggest anything to the makers of Apoliva, next time try using a natural looking healthy person who doesn’t have the lifestyle of your typical super model- (the 3 C’s – which we know are- coffee, cigarettes and we’ll let you figure out the third one, but the give away clue is Lindsay Lohan shares in this diet along with Kate Moss from time to time…). You’d be surprised what people may actually end up liking.

Oh well, when extreme beauty (behavior) doesn’t hold sway…

TV viewers terrified by Swedish supermodel

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