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Paula chooses to die on Iberian Airlines.


paula-choosesWhen the most inconvenient things happen whilst on holiday.


Have you heard of the expression ‘life goes on?’ Well sometimes it doesn’t. Actually to be quite blunt life, yours, mine and everybody’s eventually comes to a close. That said while Paula Slah, 40 of Chelmford- Essex, England was on board an Iberian flight heading from Tangiers Morroco to Madrid, Spain she suddenly inexplicably fell ill and died. Died right there in front of her relatives and whist still on holidays.

On the advice of the airline attendants, the plane made an emergency stop in Seville, Spain but by this stage Paula had already died. Passengers as a consequence were asked to disembark, wait 2 hours while Paula’s body was retrieved before continuing with their journey and holiday.

Ideally Paula we are sure would have like to have waited until after her holidays were over or perhaps after she lived a few more years and managed to holiday in Spain countless more times. That said, as much as we sometimes wish for eternity and a delayed resolution sometimes when life’s piper comes round we are obliged to pay the bill, even if we’d rather put if off or never pay it at all.

When inconvenient things like your death happen whilst on holiday.

British woman dies in front of relatives on board flight

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  • Alison,

    Let me be clear, I want to offer my condolences to you and Paula’s family, but the point of the article is to raise awareness that in life we in fact do no have the luxury of choosing when we die. Death comes to us at an undetermined time.

    It was a play on words to get the reader to really think about the issues.

  • Do you think she would choose to die on a plane? I knew Paula and I am shocked that you could be so flippant. Her mum was sat beside her, can you imagine her pain? No I don’t think you could.