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Defying the odds- Ed from Wichita, Kansas wins lottery twice in one year.


kansas-man-wins-lottery-twiWhen it rains it pours….


Edward Williams, 47 of Wichita Kansas is just about to make you jealous and wondering what you’ve been doing wrong this year. That said one has to bear in mind Ed of Wichita has been playing this particular game for the last 17years so something was bound to work out if one believes in the law of averages amongst other things…

For all intensive purposes Ed of Wichita leads an ordinary life, holds an ordinary job, working for Johnson Controls the last 17 years and for all you girls interested has never been married. That said, Ed of Wichita defied odds when he won lotto twice- specifically Super Kansas Cash in one year alone. First time was last September when he won $75000 and then this Wednesday when he won $900000.

His secret- he has been playing every day for the last 17 years, coincidently the number of years he has been working for his most recent employer. An interesting anomaly no doubt…

In any event Ed of Wichita is after taxes $627 541 richer as of this weekend not including the money he made (oops won) back in September.

Of course Ed of Wichita plans on returning to work on Monday until he retires at the age off 55. Of course we wonder how many more times he can continue winning lotto for the next 8 years?

The games we play while the games play us…

Kansas man wins big in lottery for 2nd time in ’09

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