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Incredible Chronicles of the Biggest Lottery Winners

Biggest Lottery Winners
Biggest Lottery Winners. Pictured, Georgia's Ed Nabors,
Biggest Lottery Winners
Biggest Lottery Winners. Pictured, Georgia’s Ed Nabors,

Biggest Lottery Winners of all times: A look at some astonishing wins, how they got there and what happened after they won the against all odds winnings.

Some write down their birthday, others simply their lucky number and some other random numbers as they cross their fingers hoping to win the big prize in the national lottery draw.

When you succeed in this game, the next thing is to be drinking good cocktails in your mansion pool, enjoying the good life that millions of Euros and Dollars can give. Although you are more likely to be struck by lightning, we all dream of having a stroke of luck in the lottery draw.

For some people, the dream of becoming winners of the lottery becomes the real thing.

How lucky are these people and how much have they won? Know the odds of world lotteries:

The probability of winning the Euromillions lottery by matching the five digits plus the two lucky stars is : 1 in 116 million

The probability of winning in the primitive lottery is 1 in 14 million.

The probability of winning the national lottery draw in Thursday’s lottery draw is 1 in 600,000.

The probability of winning the lottery the jackpot is 1 in 31 million

The probability of winning the lottery the eleven is 1 in 15 million

The probability of being struck by lightning is 1 in 3,000.

The probability of getting hurt by a toilet is 1 in 10,000.

The probability of being attacked by a shark and dying is 1 in 37 million

Biggest Lottery Winners
Biggest Lottery Winners: But let’s look at the odds.

As you can see, winning the lottery is not easy at all, it is much more likely that we will get hurt by a toilet or that we will be struck by lightning. Despite all odds against it, it is incredible that many people continue to take home giant prizes when choosing the winning numbers of the national lottery. You can also do the same nowadays in Indonesia online betting, that’s why you need to pray to see joker123 as often as you can.

But for people like Ed Nabors, these statistics don’t matter, since he became one of the biggest lottery winners in the United States in all of that country’s history.

Mr. Nabors was fortunate to have purchased one of the two lottery winning tickets in the United States for one of the largest lottery boats in that country. On March 7, 2007, the life of this Georgian truck driver changed forever, as he won half the prize worth 297 euros. The other winner decided to remain anonymous.

This lucky winner didn’t even buy lottery drawing tickets regularly, but he bought that time when entering a store for a cup of coffee, that spontaneous decision won him $116,557.083 million dollars, which after taxes was more than 80 million.

When Nabors was asked what he would do with all that money he won by matching the winning numbers of the traditional lottery, he said: “I’m going to fish a lot” with the money he bought a fishing boat and paid off all his children’s mortgages.

Years before Mr. Nabors had his big stroke of luck, another Georgia resident took home a nice boat. Erica Greene was a mobile office employee when she bought one of the three winning tickets for the “Big Game” national lottery draw.

The facts happened on April 17, 2002, when Greene went to a gas station where she purchased her first $10 lottery ticket at the age of 20. This Georgia, U.S. native became a multi-millionaire by winning $58.9 million dollars, at the time of choosing the winning national lottery numbers, Greene was not even of legal age to celebrate her feat with a glass of champagne.

When the press asked Greene about her big win, she said, “I’m in shock, I still can’t believe it, there must be some mistake”. But there was no mistake

And what did she do with all this money? She invested it in a smart way, she commented that she is not going to work anymore, that she is going to invest the money so that this one works for her.

Biggest Lottery Winners
Biggest Lottery Winners . Pictured the UK’s Colin and Christine Weir.

A couple with 30 years of marriage in England earned the astronomical sum of 161 million pounds sterling. Colin and Christine Weir entered the Sunday Times list of the richest, above Ringo Starr and Sir Tom Jones.

Mrs. Weir described the night of their great gain:

“We were enjoying a normal night watching CSI on television. When in the middle of the night we decided to see the result of the draw of lotteries and bets of the euromillions state on TV while we were lying down in our room. We had bought five tickets for the draw, as the prize was particularly large. I started to circulate the winning numbers of the lottery and realized that I had won, I had to check the result more than three times to convince myself.

Christiane Weir, 55, worked as a nurse in a psychiatric hospital while her husband Colin, 65, was a television cameraman and floor manager of a television studio for more than 24 years. But now that this couple has more money than the Beckhams, they bought a mansion and a fleet of cars for their friends. They also started their own NGO, Weir Charitable Trust, to support the Scottish community.

This Ayrshire couple are also famous for being the largest private contributors to a political campaign in the UK having donated £3 million to the ‘Yes’ campaign for Scottish independence.

Sadly the couple divorced eight years after winning Britain’s biggest lottery.

Another winner of the Euromillions state lottery and betting is a Spaniard and won almost the same as the Weir couple. We are talking about Francisco Delgado Rodriguez, a baker from Pilas. Delgado correctly matched the five numbers and two stars, thus becoming the biggest lottery winner in Spain by winning the grand prize of More than 170 million dollars.

However little is known what happened to Mr. Delgado, but it is certain that his fate was not to be one of the lottery winners who lost everything. Shortly after he won his grand prize, the entire Delgado family became local celebrities, causing them to close their bakery that had been open for generations and abandoning their population.

Despite the little that is known about the Delgado family, it is rumored that they now live in Miami, United States. Others say they are in Seville, where Delgado is said to have a blue Porsche and live in a mansion worth more than a million Euros. At least it didn’t end up like some of the ruined lottery winners of the Spain lottery.

Biggest Lottery Winners
Biggest Lottery Winners. Pictured, Calvin and Zatera Spencer

While we all dream of being lottery winners in Spain or in the country where we live, Calvin and Zatera Spencer were able to win three consecutive times… In just one month Incredible! In March 2014 this couple from Portsmouth, United States won a total of 2.5 million dollars with three winning lottery tickets. Actually they ended up winning for the fourth time too.

On March 12 they won a million in the Powerball draw, having a 1 in 5,153,633 chance.

On March 26, the Spencers matched the 4 numbers in the Pick 4 drawing with the winning combination of 6,6,6,6 winning $5,000. But having bought 10 tickets, they took home $50,000.

And the next day, March 27, they won one million dollars again in the $100 Million Cash Extravaganza drawing.

Although the odds of winning the lottery are very low, there are incredible stories of lottery winners that keep people buying tickets every day. After all, you can never know when it’s your lucky moment, when it’s your turn to win the big prize.