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Britney wants to be congratulated because she doesn’t look like a pig anymore.



When Britney wants to prove she’s the eternal love of your life after all…

It looks like Britney Spears has managed to defy media and national expectations once again. The once confirmed pill popping, car slamming and serial eater of Big Macs and French fries has made media pundits and ordinary citizens of the world scratch their head in disbelief as Britney (like so many other celebrities) has taken her rightful place on a magazine cover and a bikini,

The oh so necessary and life saving outfit wasn’t of course an easy thing to accomplish.In order for Britney to reignite your lust for her Britney was forced to give away her love for Bigmacs and actually put her drug habit away and actually get out to the gym and do things that most Americans rightly cringe at but thankfully stars like Britney don’t mind doing- leg presses, bicep curls (yes , we know- yuk!) and even sit ups.

In any event Britney has managed to make herself look spiffy, fabulous for her friends at sleaze journal ‘OK Mag’ (if having your life torn apart is ok…) and her upcoming concert which coincidentally starts next week.

In any event we are glad Britney worked out some issues but like you we can’t wait when she finally breaks down and goes back to binge drinking and shaving her head off whilst on the way to a psycho ward.

The things our celebrities do to make sure you still have that little sweet spot for them…

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