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Sam Lutfi’s new victim: Courtney Love

Sam Lutfi
Sam Lutfi to the left.

Sam Lutfi, Britney Spears one-time manager is back in this news – and this time he has chosen Courtney Love as his latest victim.

You may recall Sam Lutfi being in the center of Britney Spears circle during her very public meltdown. It wasn’t until the Spears’ family stepped in that Britney got healthy and was eventually granted a restraining order against Lutfi.

Now comes a report from RadarOnline.com with a source close to them saying Lutfi is now acting as Courtney Love’s manager, with the source stating: “Everything Courtney is now doing business related in her life mut go through Sam. Courtney is completely dependent on him for everything, just as Britney (Spears) was during the time he was in her life. Sam is able to charm his way into emotionally vulnerable celebrities’ lives. He can be absolutely charming, but he has a much darker side and it’s very concerning that he is now essentially running Courtney’s life.” The source also states that Frances Bean, Love’s daughter with Kurt Cobain, won’t have anything to do with her mother until Sam Lutfi is out of the picture.

Back in 2007, Ken Dungey, former friend of Lutfi also warned of him, saying, “I personally know Sam Lutfi and he is a master manipulator, he almost made my good friend Danny Haines kill himself. I just want to get a message to Britney to warn her of Sam’s real intentions. I have access to hundreds of emails, text messages, voice messages of Sam talking about wanting to kill my friend Danny and that he should just kill himself among other bizarre statements he has made. Danny met Sam and soon after Danny moved in with Sam as a new roommate, not long after that it went downhill.”

Lutfi also had brief contact with Brianne Chantal, writer at Scallywag & Vagabond during the same time.