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So whatever happened to Simon Cowell’s face? Looking fuller and fat?

Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell is still a preferred hawt bixch.

It may be one thing for the media to ask aloud about certain female celebrities piling on and taking off the pounds but perhaps it might now be time to ask that very question with respect to our preferred collective media whore Simon Cowell who’s recent appearance on the ‘Tonight show’ with Jay Leno and his new side kick Britney Spears this past Monday night had many wondering what ever happened to Mr Cowell’s appearances? Or to be quit blunt what ever happened to his face…?

dailymail.co.uk: He has spoken openly about his frequent and regular usage of health and beauty products in his quest to stay forever young.

But, Simon Cowell, 53, looked a little rounder in the face as he appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, on Monday night.

His puffy appearance on the show has led people to speculate that he may have been over doing it with Botox and filler injections.

Over doing it with Botox and other filler injections? Isn’t that a polite way of skirting the issue and avoid wondering if perhaps the real reason Mr Cowell is looking rather fuller in the face (yes those jowls are now appealing for their own zip code) is because Mr Cowell has taken to the good life as he has amassed a sizable fortune off the back of his X factor/American Idol franchise? And when we say the good life we mean buckets of the good shit you and I only ever dream of topped off with the occasional bottle of good bubbly and the company of a side kick giddy model or two that Mr Cowell has so proudly showed off in the past.

There to talk up his latest adventures in TV land, Mr Cowell certainly must have realized as the king of all judges (so I have been told) that he in turn might be judged by fans and curious onlookers. But then again perhaps as a male Mr Cowell reckoned he might be able to escape the type of scrutiny that is usually reserved for females when it came to his appearance?

Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell on the 'Tonight show' with Jay Leno.

Simon’s red face was visibly fuller than his previous appearances on X Factor USA, as he looked slightly heavier than normal.

Perhaps his weight gain is due to a less than healthy diet but sitting next to a very pristine Britney Spears didn’t help matters.

Cowell is aware he has piled on the pounds recently and decided to exercise with a little help. He tweeted: ‘I now have a trainer three times a week. Feel so much better.’

A trainer three times a week? Really? Is that perhaps over stretching the truth a little? Then again what do I know, I haven’t put on a pair of runners in years and like Mr Cowell I can’t resist the temptations of my favorite high calorie diet washed back with the good bubbly. Then again I’m not a public figure trying to sell the perfect dream of how to make it. Which raises the question should we really care about Mr Cowell’s appearances in the first place? Can’t he just be grand and fantastic as long as we fear him, loathe him, idolize him? Must we only accept our public heroes if only they manage to look a certain way?

The X Factor mogul is said to demand six-monthly Botox injections, regular colonic irrigation, intravenous vitamin injections and will only use black toilet paper.

Last weekend, Simon was spotted in LA ahead of the start of the American X Factor again looking somewhat heavier than usual. 

As well as carrying some extra weight around his stomach, the music mogul stepped out with an unsightly double chin.

Black toilet paper? Kids is there such a thing? Doesn’t that all defeat the purpose of using toilet paper if I may be so crude to ask? Then again I’m not a media mogul (even if I prayed to baby Jesus last night and wondered out aloud if the day may ever come) making the public rounds and making 16 year old hopefuls swoon in anticipation that they too might be the next thing Simon Cowell takes under his wings.

Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell now and back in March this year to the right. What happened Simon?

Earlier this year, there was speculation that Cowell had had a neck lift, which helps to smooth out saggy jowls, after he was spotted driving around LA with a plaster behind his ear. 

A neck lift? Really? It appears to be quite the contrary, but then again I still haven’t found the courage to check into my local plastic surgery boutique down the road (yes they’re like what fish and chip shops were in the 1970’s, an anomaly that we all quickly got used to and eventually gorged ourselves on).

Ultimately though, Mr Cowell’s presence and legacy is larger than life and like all emperors before him if the emperor wishes to sport a fuller pout so be it, all we can do is stand back and revel in the mischief and the hoopla that Mr Cowell will continue to bring us. After all if Mr Cowell doesn’t take himself too seriously neither I guess should we…



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