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Twiggy super model of the 1960’s isn’t ‘air brush proof’ after all…



What’s a supermodel to do when her jowls show?

It must be a hard job being perfect and especially looking perfect but that said things are getting a tad difficult for ex supermodel Twiggy who was caught looking anything but the new image of herself that is currently making the rounds on behalf of her new ad for anti ageing cream – Olay.

Pictures of madam while on a recent shopping expedition versus pictures of her in the new ad have the English press crying foul.

In what seems to be a gratuitous application of air- brushing one can discern a softening of the jowls that seem to glare at you in real life (I know we think reality is over rated as well).

Looking almost angelic and taut versus what one would expect to find a woman looking like at the age of 59 after living a bountiful life we are all shocked that our illusions aren’t being reflected in reality.

Our advice to the English, just pretend you didn’t see those leaked pictures of Twiggy and go back to your preferred vision of reality- it’s bound to make you spend the money Olay are hoping you will spend.

Oh dear, what to do when inconvenient things like jowls start forming even around super model’s faces…

The two faces of Twiggy at 59: How airbrushing in Olay ad hides truth of the skin she’s in

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  • Joyce

    Wake up! If your friend looks as young as that, she is a true miracle. Most probably she has had regular face lifts unknown to you. I hate it when people say, “She looks great for her age” and the person looks 30 years younger than anyone else her age. It’s obvious they have been airbrushed or had plenty of money to keep the face from falling! Yeah, go on and say I’m bitter. Wait till you’re here. You’ll know the truth!

  • Pam

    I have a friend who is 63 and looks as young as the lesft hand Twiggy photo. She doesn’t wear makeup (only on the eyes). So maybe Twiggy in the right hand photo was on a bad day

  • Hook hand

    She used to be so fucking hot.