Home Scandal and Gossip Countess Marie Douglas David has 50 million reasons to be happy.

Countess Marie Douglas David has 50 million reasons to be happy.


countess-marie-douglas-daviThe tasteless but fun things ultra rich people do and put up with.


Oh well, the saga has finally finished and it seems both parties are as happy as can be (even us- well not really, we weren’t included in the pay off and the court room fun finished way too early).

For 8 fun days, billionaire mogul (wed be afraid to describe that to ourselves during a wet dream forget reality) George David (chairman of ultra fun and rich ‘United Technologies’) was up against his wife – countess and hot Swede Marie Douglas David.

Initially she wanted a paltry $100 million, and then he went into how she would force him to have sex (for dollars of course- the only way in certain circles) and then she would in turn reveal something rather nasty about how he would keep her a beggar in last years Loius Vuiton outfits (I know the shock and horror).

In the end though these two loveable lovebirds did manage to find an amicable resolution to their horrid affairs and as such the countess is now $50 million richer and George, well he’s free to not to have to ‘perform’ as long as he’s cash flush.

The fun things that sometimes happen in other people’s homes that you occasionally get to read about…


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