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What is it with tall skinny girls who wear tight jeans, high heels and smoke Marlboro lights?


girl-smokingIt seems there’s a new trend hitting the runways of Manhattan’s streets this summer…

We’ve been noticing with intrigue the collective fashion statement being posed lately by the tall cheek boned set of New York. We don’t know whether it’s mandatory dress apparel, whether some style file has mandated this new (timeless or just regurgitated) look.

One thing’s for sure, we’re noticing, and maybe that’s (isn’t always?) the desired effect.

Just one thing, why Marlboro lights, and isn’t copious smoking suppose to be unhealthy or something?

Clambering to the top and all over each other, another episode in perceived unkempt glamour…

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  • jamesio

    I don’t know, but thanks. Keep it up!

  • Eddy

    They just do it to make me crazy.

  • don

    I don’t know but I fall for them every time.

  • Ganja=GOOD. Ciggies? W/cocktails&friends only

  • I stoped smoking cause my uncle died of it ( cancer )

  • I don’t know but I love being one of them!!!!