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Oh no, what’s one to do when a socialite denies once dating you? Why the world is turning on a once loved darling?


lindsay-lohan-drunkWhat happens when a girl supposedly from the wrong side of the tracks, makes it past the tracks and is now sent scurrying back to those old tracks?

For a while Lindsay had it good, was the toast of the town, got to star in films, date social royalty until her temperament was suddenly non persona gratis. Now that the fallen star has seen her fortunes reeling, dating commoners again (I know can you believe it?) out comes society heir Harry Morton who decided to let NY Post know that he’s ashamed of having once been involved with the actress, some 3 years ago.

What to make of all this? Seems like everyone is playing the get on and get off, we mean pushed off society carousel wheel.

One has to wonder about the etiquette of society or rather the lack of…


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