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How does a socialite/celebutante lift her game and make the media a star too?


lydia_hearst_naked_gqWhy is it that certain people can get away with certain gaffes while if you tried you’d be castigated?

Gawker tickles our fancy by reporting today that Socialite/celebutante (we really never know which one)- Lydia Hearst has gone gaga on us by going sort of naked on us. Of course seeing that she has pedigree to attend to and not the balls her girlfriend –Paris HILTON has, has decided to go semi nude in some (classy ) European magazine. Oh why not here in the US? And of course we like the use of the word classy, as opposed to trashy?

Anyway we do wonder what’s become of society and how long it will be that everyone will be giving away their philanthropic causes and launching model careers and other assorted yummies that will keep us all collectively titillated?

Lydia Hearst Goes Topless In Classy, European Fashion

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  • Ghurron Briscoe

    Bearing breast to stay abbreast is really on the class of Lydia Hearst. The thing that makes me chuckle is it’s fine if a society dames to bear some flesh , but if queen, or princess Britney Spears does it; She’s consider Dirty. The ruling class sales you propaganda, and expects you too purchase it, but no attaintment now that beyond me. Thanks Scallywag and Vagabond Team.

    Ghurron Briscoe