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Why is it politically incorrect to be Bill O ‘Reilly?


bill-oreillyWe read with amusement this morning that according to Gawker even Bill likes to beat himself up.


In a nation supposedly full of media, diversity of opinion and a healthy regard for the right to hold an opinion it seems there is one journalist/TV personality out there who is not allowed to have diversity of opinion or sleight of hand.

Forever to be vilified, hated and disavowed by the left wing and anyone with a moral conscious and a job in NY media, even this supposed bad boy can’t stand himself.

Every morning before turning up to work, he takes a good whiff of all his hate mail and then proceeds to get on with work.

Which makes us wonder, isn’t there anything that us New Yorkers could do to at least half love Bill O’Reilly, at least for his own sake?

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  • beezer

    He is NOT a vegetarian, so he does not have that in common with the Hitler boy. So he’s got that going for him.
    and maybe his mom likes him.