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The violent arrival of polemic politics. Arizona and beyond.



Photo source- the New York Times.


Update- Jan 11: Westboro Baptist Church plans to travel to Arizona to protest funerals of Arizona shooting

A lone lunatic or the logical extension of polemical politics or anti government rhetoric in America?

Saturday morning in Tucson, Arizona saw the brazen slaying of 6 individuals and the injuring of 12 others, who had come to an outdoor rally courtesy of Democratic rep Gabrielle Giffords, who it seems was the main target of the murderous spree and remains in critical condition after been shot point blank in the head by 22 year old assailant Jared Lee Loughtner. It should also be understood, perhaps not by coincidence that Arizona has been the site of heated disarray as to immigration, health care – where two opposite spectrums of the political divide have come to heads- idealogically as to how combat  those concerns. Also worthy of consideration is the fact if one were predisposed to look for political extreme rhetoric, the origins of radical Republican rhetoric, courtesy of the fringe Republican movement – the Tea Party, they would find it here in Arizona and perhaps now by extension radical actions- including attempting to murder a politician who’s political beliefs countered those of your own.

For now the assailant, who was barreled down by onlookers after he attempted to re stock his semi automatic pistol with a second round of ammunition and indiscriminate killing has invoked his 5th Amendment rights and has refused to cooperate with authorities. That of course hasn’t stopped theories from circulating that the young man was a lone guy attacker(perhaps too convenient and a clever way to deflect attention of the stifled political system at hand and the Tea Party movement which has been hastily distancing itself from the violence)- who went off the deep end.

nytimes : Mr. Loughner had exhibited increasingly strange behavior in recent months, including ominous Internet postings — at least one showing a gun — and a series of videos in which he made disjointed statements on topics like the gold standard and mind control. 

Pima Community College said he had been suspended for conduct violations and withdrew in October after five instances of classroom or library disruptions that involved the campus police.

In many ways this is all about mind control. The public’s (should that surprise us?). As is typical of media and the financial/institutional mainstays and the corporate technorati that work in tandem with the political process to permeate the cultural dogma- great energy (and money) has been spent to publicize preferred points of views and how or why certain actions need to be originated and maintained.

Yet sometimes, as is often the case – political idealogy becomes personal, and a refuge for an increasing number of people who feel disillusioned with the turn of events since the advent of terrorism on our shores (never mind the terrorism and complicit nefarious behavior on our end overseas- even if we like to call it creating justice and idealogy freedom the American way), the disruption of