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Recession Fever even in Palm Beach. Why not?


palm-beachCan’t afford those markedly reduced jeans going for $14.99, not to fear, spare a thought for those who can no longer afford the $2000 handmade cashmere pants…

In certain parts of the world there will always be marked poverty, in other parts especially during national buoyancy a perceived reality of affluence (thanks to endless credit and a bull market on loan to you if you believe the hype) but in times of decline we’re all supposedly singing the blues. No more than what the New York Times continued report on the demise of the ultra affluent to the now pedestrian affluent. Stores like ‘Trillion’ which reside on the ironically named main street “Worth Ave,” catering to glitz and $900 ties are suddenly finding their own worth in question.

Which all begs the question are these people really all suffering now that they’ve gone from fifty million to seventeen million? Well sure, if your two country club dues are still hovering at $50, 0000. After all $900 we can do without, but the nannies and the look of still being affluent never goes out of vogue. HURRAH for human folly and ego.

Recession Pain, Even in Palm Beach

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