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If what goes up must it also come down too? Even for a Real Housewife?


kelly-killoren-bensimon1Some things are meant to be cast in stone. One’s inheritance, forever good looks, holidays to the south of France, and well…except if you get fired. The sad tale of a broken dream

Life has a cruel way of slashing us with it’s jiggered edges of misfortune and misconduct. Even if that misconduct is your very own. Some celebrities can get away with misconduct- ie Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, other on the other hand – can not. Witness Boy George, and the latest strike out victim-Kelly Bensimon. See Kelly what happens when you go around giving boyfriends black eyes in public. Oh well, maybe next time…

Kelly Bensimon’s Life Continues to Unravel

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  • Ghurron Briscoe

    Mrs. Kelly Bensimon,

    Handles her misgivings with class; She’s like a fine wine. Bravo Scally!

    Ghurron Briscoe