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Ruth Madoff still has friends?


ruth-madoffSo guess who was seen mulling around gal pals this weekend in Palm Beach this weekend? Seems friendship is thicker than water or just your missing life savings

We were impressed to read that not everyone in the world hates the Madoff family. After all they have become the world’s most despised family virtually overnight. Makes you giddy that even if one day you turn out to be a complete rat, there will always be someone to still love you, besides your mother.

And by the way, what where the girls doing in Palm Springs? Buying jewelry of course.

Ruth Madoff’s Girls Have Her Back

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  • Ghurron Briscoe

    Carinal Knowledge is essential when dealing with the bull markets of greed. The Madoff’s family name is tainted for preying on fools who were foolish or greedy enough to be an likely pawns. May the Madoff ‘s parish in Gods hands. They can keep that flirtly currency ; We already have a hole in the ozone layer, and the Madoff rays are dirty, dirty,dirty!

    Ghurron Briscoe