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Merrill Lynch investigating trading (gambling) irregularities…


wall-stThere used to be a time that ‘greed was good,’ but these days everyone seems to be thinking the opposite, amazing how the social pendulum swings…

Bankers and traders, ( admit it, you always want to be one too? ) have gone from being one of the most lauded occupations to one of the most vile species known to mankind.

In a never ending plethora of banking and trading faux pas we read of yet another scandal emanating from London and our most preferred giant banking institution…Merrill Lynch.

This time the fiasco involves the mis-pricing (don’t you love that word- so academic ) of a 400 million bag of currency goodies.

Really, don’t you wonder if it’s just the whole culture that’s ‘mispriced’ as opposed to the securities in question?

Then again it’s your check book they’ll have to use at the end of the day to uhm, ‘shore up the system…’

System? Isn’t that another academic word too?

Trading probed at Merrill Lynch

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