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….How does it feel…for a Rolling Stone to make it smell so wrong?

toilet222What is giving the air such a nose you wonder? Why, it’s Bob Dylan’s Port a’ Potty. The smell it is a’ changing somethin’ awfull way…
Do sixties Folk heroes ever fade away? Most of them quitely do…but for some, the stubborn, toxic smell is overtaking the wafting cloud of fame they’ve created… Bob for one, was a poetic genius at raising a ‘stink’ with lyrics of change, revolt, love, peace and transformation to the dismay of conservative authorities. And who could forget how counter culture brought a transformative attitude of experimentation in lifestyle? Free sex without the requisite of marriage, transcendental meditation, communal living and psychedelic drugs that today for some perhaps, might be a cause of unexpected diarhea… But these days we expect hippies have aged, living in nice pads and/or compounds that are well fenced in…albeit a bit slower paced and holding membership in AARP.
So isn’t it a pity that after such an aromatic glorious legacy, Bob Dylan got himself tangled up in blue, nasty smelling, putrid aroma to the dismay of his next door neighbor? And Timothy Leary’s philosophy of “turn on, tune in and drop out” enroute to the outhouse isn’t helping but rather raises a foul smelling dilemma and much unwanted notoriety for Bob….
Is this any new way for an old hippie to behave?
Bob, the smelly attention is knock, knock, knocking on your Port a’ Potty’s door….(But we still love your music)
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