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Family Secrets and the TV show we hope they never make, ever.


fritzlThere are some things that by now you’ve seen over and over and then again there are some things which we doubt could have ever have come from a script writer’s imagination.

Well, you thought your family had problems, well we think we found a family with a very a special set of problems. It goes something like this, local Austrian dad takes a liking to his daughter when she’s fourteen, takes her to the underground sound proof dungeon under the house, raises a secret family with her for the next 24 years, mean while telling his wife who has no idea where her daughter has gone that she has just gotten up and ran away.

Now, he’s on trial, is facing 15 years in jail (not at least 24?) and admits that he’s daughter’s life is probably ruined.

We wonder how that script would sell in Hollywood?

Josef Fritzl’s wife tells of shame for first time

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  • Aste Spumante

    The wife’s amnesiac repertoire in regard to captivity and torture of her own daughter within her own realm…is indicative of something deeply disturbing in the German mindset… Could this further serve as an interesting story delving into the special case and state of a German mind with respect to commission of horrors right under one’s nose..?
    This story Is worthy of a probe of German Nature–further examining the human condition in the time of the Holocaust, existence of nearby Nazi torture camps and oh, so seemingly very German nature of denial and neglect that seems to be inherently so German…