If only you could afford to buy this dream Penthouse. Or can you?


Kids, have a long lusty look at the above image, cause the truth is most of you will never get your hands on this type of reality (this author included but if there is a caveat at least I am often exposed to such delicacies- “Yes, young man, you’re our houseguest for the interim, but don’t […]

How the shifting class wars are now making their way to London streets and world financial markets.


There’s a saying that goes something like this: In the US, the people fear the government but in Europe (like it or not the UK is part of Europe) the government fears the people. This might go to some degree to explain why looting, rioting and outright public discord is beginning to take hold in […]

Naomi Campbell Wants You To Come To Her Fashion Show And Spend Money

When suddenly soliciting the public is a nasty sign of the times. It used to be common courtesy to exempt the general public from fashion shows because it was understood that the general public were undesirable. If there weren’t any supermodels or moguls amongst them, having them attend your collection was really in bad taste. […]

Squatting the High Life.


Who ever said squatting couldn’t be luxurious? A group in London known as the Belgravia Squatters today made the most of an open window to commandeer the former love nest of Britain’s ex-Home Secretary David Blunkett. We bet he never saw it coming (sorry – couldn’t resist). From the Telegraph: “The group likes to rub […]

Tea and a Chat: Roger Daltrey at Times Square.


It’s not all that often you get to see a legend in action, but Roger Daltrey definitely fits that bill and he was most certainly in action on Friday night at the Nokia Theatre in Times Square. The crowd was buzzing and there was real anticipation from people thrilled to be watching one of the […]

Why Some Vixens Screw their way around the Globe.

sexy_stockings_6 copy

You have all seen her, mimicking a European heiress (except she is chewing bubble gum) fresh off of the jet from Vienna or Munich.  She is well traveled, wearing Christian Louboutin four inch pumps, carrying Louis Vuitton luggage, and possesses an above average positive self image with barely a high school degree to back it all […]

Are you Jewish enough?

Star of David

A judge in the UK has just ruled in what, on the surface, appears to be an open and shut case on a school’s admissions policy, but which seems to be dealing with a much more complicated question. Is there such a thing as not being Jewish enough? A boy known to the court as […]

Ashlee Simpson’s Mission to Act.


According to reports, Ashlee Simpson is going to be reprising the role of Roxy in Chicago on Broadway. Wait, this is the girl who just got fired from Melrose Place, right? The girl who, according to reports, was let go because she couldn’t act? When you get fired from a TV show that is borderline […]

Now On: SHOWstudio – Fashion Revolution.


London, UK Don’t know about you, but there aren’t many exhibitions that will you to scrawl on Naomi Campbell’s derrière, but then there aren’t many exhibitions like SHOWstudio’s Fashion Revolution. Set up by uber photographer Nick Knight, www.SHOWstudio.com has led the way with its innovative and interactive approach to the world of fashion online. It […]

Kate Moss falls apart at GQ Awards Party.


When a supermodel can’t hold her liquor it can get nasty. When Kate who had been ‘lunching’ since the early afternoon at Claridges of Mayfair in London, came to the GQ Award party to present awards it was observed that she wasn’t quite all there.Arriving rather late, and having to use a side door instead […]