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Finsbury Park Mosque attack: ‘I want to kill all Muslims’

Finsbury Park Muslims run over
Finsbury Park Muslims run over: Pictured arrested man.
Finsbury Park Muslims run over
Finsbury Park Mosque attack: Pictured arrested man who had been driving white van.

Finsbury Park Mosque muslims run over by London White van: What led to one white driver intentionally running over Muslim men as they were leaving a congregation?

A 48 year old man has been arrested Sunday evening after driving a white van intentionally at individuals as they were leaving a Mosque at London’s Finsbury Park.

The incident happened as members of a mosque near the Seven Sisters had just finished services for the upcoming Ramadan festivities when they were making their way outside when a driver crashed into them along the footpath.

According to one witness, bystanders confronted the driver and held him until the police came. According to the BBC, one person has been arrested and ‘a number of casualties’ have been confirmed.

Upon being pinned down, the driver began screaming, ‘I want to kill all Muslims’.

One twitter user later told of 3 Muslims being killed, with most of those injured being Somali individuals as they left the Finsbury Mosque. That number was later revised to one person killed and ten injured. It wasn’t immediately known the seriousness of the injuries sustained. 

According to Metropolitan Police, the incident happened just just after midnight local time. Speculation has also mounted that there may have been in total three men involved in intentionally running down worshippers, with one in custody and the other two on the run according to the dailymail.

Metropolitan police later nixed claims that there were three individuals in the van.

The leader of Finsbury Park mosque, Mohammed Kozbar, told The Sun: ‘Whoever did this, he did it to hurt people and it’s a terrorist attack’

Adding, ‘The van drove over people who were leaving late prayers. They were gathering in Seven Sisters Road.’

‘I heard there are fatalities but I don’t want to jump to conclusions.’