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Schoharie limo crash victims I’d: Newly married in June

Erin and Shane McGowan
Pictured, NY, Schoharie wedding limo crash victims: Erin and Shane McGowan
Erin and Shane McGowan
Pictured, NY, Schoharie wedding limo crash victims: Erin and Shane McGowan.

Erin Vertucci and Shane McGowan are identified as NY, Schoharie limo crash victims. Couple were newly married in June. Also id are brothers, Rich Steenburg & Axel Steenburg, and wife Amy Steenburg.

A newly married couple have been identified as two of the 20 individuals killed Saturday, when the SUV limousine they were traveling en route to festive celebrations crashed into a parked vehicle in Schoharie, upstate NY.

Identified were Erin Vertucci and Shane McGowan- who had only just tied the knot in June. Family indicated the newly married couple were on their way to a 30th birthday party.

Also identified were Adam and Abby Jackson, parents to four-year-old Archer and 16-month-old Elle. The children were not traveling with their parents at the time.

Brothers, Axel Steenburg, 29, and Rich Steenburg, 34, were also identified as two of the victims in the limo reported the nytimes. Axel’s wife, Amy Steenburg was also killed in the crash, according to her father-in-law, Lester Andrews.

The couple—who rented the limo–got married in Saratoga on June 30 and posted part of the ceremony on YouTube.

Tragedy bespoke as the limo blew past a stop sign at the end of a highway and smashed into a parked SUV, killing all 18 people in the limo and two pedestrians in the deadliest US transportation accident in almost a decade.

‘I just wanted to say Axel Steenburg I love you more than words can say! You are such an amazing man and entertain all my crazy ideas,’ Amy posted on Facebook on Oct. 3. ‘Even when I move a couch just to move it back to the original place. Thank you for being so kind and loving xo #justbecause #husband.’

Rich Steenburg
Identified as victim, Axel Steenburg. Image via Facebook.
Axel Steenburg,
Identified as NY, Schoharie wedding limo crash victim- Axel Steenburg. Image via Facebook. Revealed to have worked as Sr. Technology & Development Tech Officer at GLOBALFOUNDRIES
Amy Steenburg
Identified as victim, Amy Steenburg. Image via Facebook.

AP reported 18 of the victims were in the limo along with two bystanders at the intersection of State Route 30 and 30A in Schoharie, a town about 43 miles west of Albany.

The bystanders were killed just outside the parking lot of busy upstate venue in the fall, Apple Barrel County Store.

The New York Times  cited store manager, Jessica Kirby, saying the SUV limo traveling at ‘probably over 60 mph,’ as it travels down a hill on state 30 when it collided with another vehicle.

According to reporter Paul Nelson, the limo ran a stop sign on Route 30 and broadsided another vehicle at the Route 30A intersection. ‘Authorities probing if limo’s brakes may have malfunctioned,’ Nelson tweeted.

Erin and Shane McGowan
Pictured, Erin and Shane McGowan.

Posted Anthony Vertucci the father of recently wed bride, Erin McGowan on Facebook, ’My heart has stopped,’

Adding, ‘Unspeakable tragedy that I can’t comprehend and will never come to terms with.’ 

‘I just wanted all of you to see pictures of Erin and Shane, these two beautiful and amazing people, on the best and happiest days of their lives. ‘

Susan Minicki McGowan, Shane’s mother, also shared a photo and tribute to her son and daughter-in-law. 

‘Our family will never the same after the tragic deaths of our son Shane and daughter Erin,’ she wrote. 

Initial reports had erroneously told of the party attending wedding celebrations, while one family member communicated via scallywagandvagabond.com that the group had rented it to attend a 30th birthday party. 

Told Barbara Douglas the aunt of the deceased sisters via the nypost, ‘One just got married and that’s what this was: her new husband was giving her a surprise birthday party’. 

The aunt revealed all four nieces, (four sisters) being killed, with the youngest celebrating her 30th birthday. 

Erin and Shane McGowan
Pictured, NY, Schoharie wedding limo crash victims: Erin and Shane McGowan

GoFundMe campaign was launched for Archer and Elle after they lost both parents in the crash. 

‘Adam and Abby were amazing parents to these girls and taken much too soon,’ the description reads. 

‘While families will step in and provide loving care for these girls, there will be expenses that we can help with during this time when we otherwise feel so helpless.’

The cause of the crash is under investigation.

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