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Why? Kentucky school shooter leads to 15 year old gunman killing two injuring 19.

Gabe Parker
Pictured, Marshall County High School shooting suspect, Gabe Parker
Gabe Parker
Pictured, Marshall County High School shooting suspect, Gabe Parker

Marshall County High School shooting: What led to Gabe Parker, a 15 year old Kentucky teen shooting indiscriminately at a crowded school atrium? Two dead, 19 injured. 

A 15 year old Kentucky school boy is in custody after fatally gunning down two students and injuring up to 19 other students at Benton’s, Marshall County High school, early Tuesday morning.

To date authorities have not publicly released the names of the 15 year old gunman or his two fatal victims, a boy and a female. No known motive was also released, with authorities saying the student, believed to be in the school band set to be charged with murder and attempted murder.

A later report gave the names of the fatal victims as schoolgirl, Bailey Nicole Holt, who died at the scene, and Preston Ryan Cope dying later at a hospital, Kentucky State Police Commissioner Richard Sanders said.

Despite authorities not publicly identifying the shooter, a surge of social media posts come Tuesday afternoon began identifying 15 year old band member student, Gabe Parker as the shooter.

**Update: During the course of Tuesday evening, this author received private messages telling of Parker’s father passing away and his mother blaming him, with the youth then taking to social media to express his pain only to be mocked by classmates.

Witnesses told of the 15 year old student gunman initially walking into the school just on 7.57 am, Tuesday, January 23rd, armed with a handgun before opening fire in a crowded atrium.

Following the shooting, Kentucky State Police told of at least 14 people been taken to hospital, some via helicopter, suffering gunshot wounds. Another five were also injured but were not shot. All of the victims are believed to be students.  

Marshall County High School shooting suspect runs out of bullets:

In the aftermath of the school shooting, students described the the ensuing moments as the gunman opened gunfire just before classes beginning, leading to upwards of 100 children running out of the school seeking safety.

‘He was determined. He knew what he was doing,’ a classmate said of the shooter.

Added school girl, Alexandria Caporali‘It was one right after another – bang bang bang bang bang. You could see his arm jerking as he was pulling the trigger.’

Another student said: ‘No one screamed. It was almost completely silent as people just ran.

‘He just ran out of ammo and couldn’t do anything else. He took off running and tried to get away from the officers.’

Nine minutes after having started firing off ‘seemingly randomly’ at classmates, Gabe Parker was ‘non-violently’ arrested on just 8.06am.

Following the shooting, the school was placed in lock down with school entrances blocked off by first responders.

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Bailey Nicole Holt and Preston Ryan Cope I’d as Kentucky school shooting victims

Gabe Parker
Pictured, Marshall County High School shooting suspect, Gabe Parker

Gabe Parker Instagram account quoted Russian dictator, Joseph Stalin:

A report via inquisitr told of disturbing statements coming from what appeared to be that of Kentucky school student, Gabe Parker.

Noted inquisitr: ‘The Facebook page once found at facebook.com/gabe.parker.5895 notes “no permission to access this profile,” but screenshots from Parker’s Instagram account were captured before it was deleted. Gabe Parker’s Instagram account was originally found at Gabe_R._Parker, but is currently listed as unavailable. The below screenshots show a quote, “I trust no one not even myself,” attributable to Joseph Stalin, in Parker’s Instagram profile. A link to United Church of Bacon was listed in Gabe’s Instagram profile, with the website describing itself as one for atheists and skeptics. With 100 followers on Instagram, Parker followed 82 people on his small account.’

Ominously, a variation of the rifleman’s creed, with ‘rifle’ replaced with ‘tuba’ was posted as a meme in one Instagram photo showing a tuba.

The “Gabe_R._Parker” Instagram account (since taken down) quoted Joseph Stalin, linked to United Church of Bacon atheist and skeptics website.

Posted the teen at one time, ‘This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My rifle is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. Without me, my rifle is useless. Without my rifle, I am useless. I must fire my rifle true. I must shoot straighter than my enemy who is trying to kill me. I must shoot him before he shoots me.’

Another Instagram post wrote of ‘combining fireworks, dangerous yet fun.’

Marshall County High School shooting suspect mother throws up:

As parents scrambled to the school, one mother, Heather Adams told via WKMS the moment she realized she was in the company of the gunman’s mother.

Told the mother, ‘I held her hair while she threw up… She needed an ambulance. She was going into shock. And I couldn’t get an ambulance there. I got yelled at by the police for calling for an ambulance… We got a firefighter’s coat to put on her.’ 

Following the shooting, Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin issued a statement describing the shooting as a ‘tremendous tragedy’.

‘It is unbelievable that this would happen in a small, close-knit community like Marshall County,’ he said.

‘As there is still much unknown, I encourage people to love on each other at this time. Do not speculate, but come alongside each in support and allow the facts to come out.’ 

Posting on Snapchat, one of the victims in the shooting, Hannah Danae, wrote that she had a bullet in her chest and was about to go into surgery. Danae wrote that she was ‘praying for everyone affected.’ Danae added, ‘The boy who did this was hurting too. And we can’t hate him. I love you all. Praying for you.’

A special needs student, Daniel Austin, is also among the victims. His mother, Andrea, told CNN that he was shot in the right arm and he might need to have it amputated.

The school has an enrollment of 1,146 students in grades 10 through 12. Marshall County has a population of about 31,000 people.

Of note, the Kentucky school shooting is the second school shooting in the U.S. in 24 hours after 16-year-old boy, Chad Padhilla shot a 15-year-old girl in Italy, Texas.