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Did Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik plan terrorist attack?

Tashfeen Malik
Tashfeeen Malik Syed Rizwan Farook
Had Syed Rizwan Farook and his new wife Tashfeeen Malik planned on a terrorist attack?

Tashfeen Malik has been identified as the slain 27 year old wife who was killed in a hail of gunfire alongside her presumed husband/bodyfriend, Syed Rizwan Farook, 28 years old, as the pair made their getaway in a black SUV along California‘s San Bernandino back highways.

The couple’s death came during a high speed police chase and authorities telling the pair throwing pipe bombs out of their vehicle as police followed in pursuit as overhead news helicopters surreally caught the scene as it unfolded.

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The pair had earlier driven off from the Inland Regional Center after leaving 14 dead and 17 injured during a mass shooting after a purported ‘altercation’.

An altercation many are now wondering may have been planned as a terrorist attack after Syed Raheel Farook as he was initially confused for his brother (who at the time of the attack was at work) was observed ‘nervously’ leaving a work holiday party for the county health department (which Syed was an employee of as a health environment specialist) at a rented conference room only to return 20 minutes later with Malik with AK47’s and a bomb.

To date authorities have not commented on the woman’s nationality, reiterating that Syed Farook was a U.S citizen.

Of question is if Syed and Tashfeeen Malik were married or engaged, with an earlier LA Times reports telling that the pair had been married for six months after having met online, with Syed traveling to ‘Saudi Arabia to bring the woman back.’

The trip to Saudi Arabia has also raised questions along courting what other missives during the trip may have been at stake?

During a press conference it was revealed that the couple had a six month old baby who at the time of the attack was in the care of family.

Council of American Islamic Relation executive director Hussam Ayloush would also tell reporters that the couple were devout Muslims but it was ‘impossible to track down a specific mosque’ that the couple attended.

Responding to reporter’s questions if the mass shooting was the result of on the moment spur or a planned attack (which seems more likely given the degree of armaments and ammunition that the group had in stock during the 20 minutes that Syed left to return with his accomplices), San Bernardino police chief Jarrod Burguan said he believed it was likely a planned attack.

Reiterated Burguan: ‘There had to be some sort of planning that went into this.‘ He later explained that officers had been ‘working on’ what they believed were explosive devices which had been left at the Inland Regional Center.

Tashfeeen Malik Syed Rizwan Farook
Syed Farook’s brother-in-law Farhan Khan (pictured) spoke at a press conference held at the offices of the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Anaheim to say he was stunned to hear of his relative’s involvement in the shooting

Tashfeen Malik Syed Rizwan Farook

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  • Jo

    I guess he went to get his 40 virgins. What did she get, 40 studs?

  • Anarcho_primitivism

    Obviously planned. If this is not categorized and investigated as an act of terror, modern society has failed. Yes – America, Canada and other freedom loving countries MUST modify their policing and security to resemble Israel’s Shin Bet (security force).

  • Anarcho_primitivism

    ”’Sorry”’, i dont know…

  • lolwut?

    Thousands of rounds of ammo
    Kevlar vests
    Assault rifles and pistols…

    Gee…. was it “Planned”…… derp

  • 2centsmoreagain

    Can a non-married American citizen travel to the Middle East and marry a native there and then return with them without any VISA or background checks made upon the new spouse? Seems this would allow radical muslims a chance to enter the US and gain citizenship through marriage. Being a woman/new spouse from the Middle East seems to have nothing to do with the amount of damage such person can reap on innocent US citizens, if that person were a member of a radical group and was set up to meet an American muslim online in order to marry him and return as a spouse and then follow the commands to attack innocent people. One more thing, did you ever notice how cowardly these terrorists are – when their killing is done, they take off before the cops can arrive to shoot back. It would be wise for America to start adopting Israel’s way of policing, that with 24/7 police in the streets with assault weapons and specialty police at places where people work and meet.

  • Dale

    who is wearing the pink sari