Home Scandal and Gossip Tiquana Pasco, mother slaps couple who rescue her child from hot car

Tiquana Pasco, mother slaps couple who rescue her child from hot car

Tiquana Pasco
How Tiquana Pasco got herself into trouble…

Tiquana Pasco, a Kansas City, Missouri mother has been charged with child endangerment after leaving her two year old child in hot sweltering vehicle. The charges would follow after the mother took to physically assaulting a couple who had attempted to save the child’s life.

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At the time of the incident, this past Monday, circa 7pm, Jeremy Welch and his wife were leaving a nearby restaurant when they saw a young girl sweating while strapped in a car seat in an empty vehicle. At the time the temperature was said to be 90 fahrenheit.

Welch would tell by the time he came to the car a small crowd had gathered, with passerby’s expressing concern for the well being of the child.

After a quick search to try to find the girl’s parents, he called 911 and his wife lifted the child out of the unlocked car.

After having lifted the girl out of the car and carrying her back to the restaurant, where there was air conditioning, the child’s mother, Tiquana Pasco, rushed over and tried to stop them.

It was while another witness was giving the girl some water that Pasco came out of the GameStop store she was in, and demanded to know what was happening.

Tiquana Pasco
Jeremy Welch

‘She’s like, “Why are you touching my child, why do you have my child?” She [Welch’s wife] explained, “well, you left your child unattended in this hot car, so I took her out”,‘ he said.

Welch claimed that the woman then began slapping and hitting him and his wife, and pulling at her child after they told her they had called the police.

‘She continued to shove at me and slap me and push me to try and get around me, and I just stood in her way and told her she couldn’t have her child back until the police got there,’ Welch told Fox 4.

According to KSHB, the arresting officer said the mother was ‘belligerent and not following commands [he] gave her.’

She later told police she had left her daughter in the car for less than five minutes while she went into the store, because she was asleep.

After her arrest, Pasco alleged told police: ‘I was totally wrong for leaving her in the car.’