Home Scandal and Gossip Violet Burkhart’s sent home for dressing too slutty. Mother follows suit.

Violet Burkhart’s sent home for dressing too slutty. Mother follows suit.

Violet Burkhart
Is Violet Burkhart too slutty?

Violet Burkhart‘s mother has sent North Carolina school administrators a defiant ‘f*ck you’ after her daughter was sent home allegedly for wearing a uniform deemed too slutty short in skirt length on her las day at school.

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Turning up to school in the same skirt length the mother, Amy Redwine sought to send Central Davidson High School administrators a defiant message of solidarity with her daughter, arguing that the school was wrong to have sent her daughter home.

Told the mother: ‘I’m going to wear it in front of everyone and be proud just like she should have been able to on her last day… With two hours left in the day, Violet says teachers pulled her aside and said her dress was half an inch too short,’

The school’s dress code policy prohibits the following: ‘Shorts, skirts, skirts and dresses shorter than mid-thigh,’ 

But it’s when it comes to what counts for what counts as middle of the road, the school offers the following vague policy:

‘Mid-thigh is a difficult measure.’

That said, Amy Redwine’s contention with the school isn’t necessarily tied to the dress code but rather according to both mother and daughter how administrators handled the situation.

Told the Violet Burkhart via MyFox8.com: ‘I thought my last day was going to be great and exciting, but they pretty much ruined it for me,’

Reiterated Amy Redwine: ‘I literally looked back at the clock and I’m thinking, it’s 1:00 in the afternoon on her last day of her senior year. My daughter — it’s supposed to be one of her best days and she’s there crying,’ 

Violet Burkhart
Violet Burkhart and mother Amy Redwine

Ironically Violet Burkhart tells she wore that exact same dress to school at least five times before she was told to go home in the middle of her last day of high school.

Another student at Central Davidson High School would also tell how they too came to incur the same fate as Violet.

Told the mother of another student: ‘My daughter goes to the same school and she was sent home. Not for the length but she was told it enhanced her figure too much. Central Davidson high school is a joke,’ 

As if the school’s dress code wasn’t vague enough, a clause in the dress code says ‘Principals may elect to enact additional restrictions as deemed appropriate to preserve the educational environment.’

In other words, if a principal doesn’t like what a student is wearing, he or she may decide that it’s damaging the ‘slutty quotient’educational environment‘ and force the female student to go home.

Violet Burkhart
Amy Redwine