Home Pop Culture Howard Stern insists he’s never tried his own semen. Have you?

Howard Stern insists he’s never tried his own semen. Have you?

Howard Stern
Howard Stern is a preferred hawt bixch

Kids here’s an interesting tingle courtesy of shock radio dj Howard Stern who couldn’t yesterday resist tweeting to us all the following:

‘I’m declaring here,once and for all: I’ve never tasted my semen!’

Which raises a few questions. Why did Howard Stern feel the need to let us know something that most of us need ever know or care about in the first place? Is Howard implying that any man who has ever tasted his own semen is somewhat emasculated or maybe on the gay side or freak side? Or is Howard just in the business of reminding us that he is a real man and real men as you all know only ever have women taste their semen and never the other way round?

Personally I don’t know what the fuss is all about. I can tell you up front I have had girlfriends try to surprise me and have me taste my own gift of life. At the time I was kind of repulsed. Well not really, more amused. But maybe I thought to myself it was a woman’s way of letting us men know what the goods are really all about or maybe it is just some of you women being kinky. Frankly I like kinky but then again I guess like Howard I have to be careful for what I wish for.

But let’s cut to the chase if a man can have pride that a woman will accept his semen why should he be so resilient to say that he can’t ever taste it? After all if a woman can taste it and consume it why can’t a man? After all it’s just body fluid and last time I checked most women enjoy it (and a lot of you men too) and so part of me wonders is it really the psychology of a man tasting it that gets to some of us rather than the actual stuff itself? Which goes back to us men being masculine or not.

Which is to say should a man if he wants to retain his masculinity never try his own semen or should he just do what Howard Stern did and make a big show that he has never tasted his own semen once and for all. And before I forget there are a lot of women who like the taste of themselves too and not once do I hear men complaining about that, actually I think most men enjoy the idea of women enjoying their own taste. I know I do.

Which brings us back to Howard Stern and his missive about never having tasted his own semen. Does he really think we’d judge him or condemn him if he had anyway? Or are men suppose to behave in a certain way before we like them and look up to them? Or is sex suppose to be straight up and never cross a certain line? Or to be blunt never cross a man’s line? The way Howard Stern kind of implies…

Never mind Howard, I reckon you ought to try jacking off just this once and letting that shit hit you in the mouth or face and then boldly claim how good life really is. If a girl can do it, so can you Howard, just saying…who knows you might just like it?

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  1. When I’ve finished quicker than we both wanted, I’ve gone down to finish her off, so to speak. I kind of like the combination of flavors, it’s not repulsive.

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