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Ariel Castro appears in court, slept like a baby in jail.

Ariel Castro
Ariel Castro

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Cleveland kidnapper suspect Ariel Castro was on police radar.

Ariel Castro has this morning appeared at Cleveland’s Municipal Court to face charges of kidnapping and rape charges.

Flanked by five guards and wearing a prison jump uniform, 52 year old  Ariel Castro kept his head down as a packed courtroom looked on.

Appearing in court with him were his brothers Pedro and Onil Castro who were brought in for other outstanding charges as authorities have established that the brothers knew nothing of their brother’s actions and have openly stated that they have no plans to press kidnapping or rape charges against them.

During proceedings prosecutor Brian Murphy told the court that Ariel Castro had kidnapped three women for his ‘self gratifying and self serving ways.’

He then went on to tell how Ariel Castro had made a ‘premeditated decision to snatch three young ladies off the street for his self gratifying and self serving ways.’

Incarcerated since his arrest this Monday, Ariel Castro has been said to have been unaffected by fellow inmates who purportedly issued threats against him.

One prison guard told the New York Daily News: ‘They seem relaxed. Mostly they’ve just been sleeping with their heads under the pillows like they don’t want to be bothered.’

It is understood  the arraignment of Ariel Castro is the first step in the legal process.

He will next appear at the Cuyahoga County Court where evidence will be presented to a Grand Jury to decide if the case should proceed.

His bail was set at $8 million, $2 million for each of the four charges currently filed against him.

It is also known that Ariel  Castro waived his Miranda rights and provided police with “a detailed statement” after his arrest, where he admitted to the crimes. Perhaps one wonders Ariel Castro in his apprehension can finally find peace with himself now that he has finally been found, the one thing he probably dreaded all these years and wondered to himself how long he could keep the charade up. Almost indefinitely it sadly now seems. Is it any wonder then that the man sleeps peacefully….