Home Scandal and Gossip Ariel Castro kept his wife in chains and whipped her too.

Ariel Castro kept his wife in chains and whipped her too.

Nilda Figueroa
Nilda Figueroa

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In further alarming disclosure as to the mind and inner workings of Cleveland kidnapper and rapist Ariel Castro, a former boyfriend of Ariel Castro’s recently deceased wife has stepped forward to tell how the wife, Nilda Figueroa disclosed to him the extent of abuse that she suffered at the hands of her ex husband, Castro.

According to the nypost, Fernando Colon tells how Ariel Castro kept his former wife ties up in his basement and whipped her with dog chains.

Her mistreatment is said to have preceded the 2002/3/4 abductions of the three women that Ariel Castro held against their will going on ten years.

nypost: Castro’s sadism extended back to his late wife, Grimilda Figueroa, her former boyfriend, Fernando Colon, told The Post yesterday.

Colon worked at the hospital that Figueroa had to visit frequently because of Castro’s assaults.

The battered mom told Colon about the atrocities she suffered at Castro’s hands — brutality similar to what cops say Castro would soon dish out to his three teenage captives.

“He kept her tied up in the basement,” Colon said of Figueroa.

“He used to whip her with dog chains. She wasn’t allowed to go out. She couldn’t have anyone over. He pretty much kept her locked up in there.”

And in a sign of how horrific the beatings actually were Colon offers the following:

The beatings intensified after Figueroa became pregnant, Colon said — just like Castro would later do with his young victims.

“He would punch like a man,” Colon said. “He would kick [Figueroa’s] stomach when she was pregnant with one of the kids, to make her have an abortion or kill her.

“He would push her down stairs. When I met her, she already had one brain surgery, but he was still hitting her in the head.”

Friends and family of Nilda Figueroa have since her death last year to brain cancer argued that her eventual death was brought on by the mistreatment at the hands of Ariel Castro.

Colon goes on to tell how Ariel Castro would purportedly push Figueroa down stairs and kick her in an attempt to abort her babies. Even after she underwent brain surgery, Castro would hit her in the head,went on to tell Colon.

At the time hospitalized as a result of injuries suffered Figueroa and Colon who first met at the hospital went on to develop an affinity that would soon turn into a love relationship and a child of their own.

Told Colon:

“I took his wife and his addiction to power,” Colon said. “I took away the only person he could control. He was angry.”

Out of the blue, Colon said, Castro suddenly accused him of molesting their daughters, Emily, Angie and Arlene.

He said Castro showered the girls with gifts in exchange for making false accusations against him.

“He ruined my life,” Colon said. “I lost my job.”

Things are said to have come to a head in 2004 when Castro took the stand against Colon and accused him of molestation (yes the irony is too palpable) before Castro’s son, Ariel Jr took the stand and told the court that his father was ‘making it all up.’

At the time the judge dropped the charges but Colon still served three years probation.

Even in the face of Ariel Castro’s sinister behavior one is inclined to wonder to what degree Colon’s assertions are correct and not mean spirited or just exaggerated in an attempt to get back at the man who has suddenly become America’s most vilified individual. Perhaps Ariel Castro’s incarceration may be some consolation for a man who too it seems had his life brutalized at the hands of Castro.