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Rebecca Martinson to be punished for her deranged Delta Gamma sorority letter.

Rebecca Martinson
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Hmm here’s some news hot off the press involving America’s slinky debauched smutty sorority girl, Rebecca MartinsonUniversity of Maryland have promised to punish her (member discipline).

Here’s the letter that the University of Maryland‘s Delta Gamma president and executive director have just posted in response to last week’s smutty and toxic letter that had all you sorority girls blushing in existential ennui:

You may have either read or heard about the inappropriate email written by one of our Collegiate members that was laced with profanity and directed toward her fellow sisters. While this is not reflective of this chapter or this Fraternity, many gossip sites have published it, shared it and gotten thousands of comments on it.

We want to make it clear that this letter in no way reflects the values of Delta Gamma as an International Fraternity or our chapter at the University of Maryland. The processes by which Delta Gamma handles member discipline are confidential, but we have a team of women working with the chapter to take all appropriate action including protecting, educating and supporting the chapter members in the aftermath of this event.

We appreciate all the notes of support, encouragement and offers to help as we work together to foster high ideals of friendship, to promote educational and cultural interests, create a true sense of social responsibility, develop the best qualities of character and to uphold and enforce our values.

Laurie Petrucce Roselle, President
Colleen McGuire, Executive Director

And then there was this response defending Rebecca Martinson that brought snorted tears up my ‘cunty punty’ nostrils:

As a formerATC it upsets me to see so much vitriol directed at the young lady who wrote this email. Lets recognize it for what it is …. the breakdown on the part of a young lady who was obviously charged with making Greek Week a success and whose chapter members were failing her. Was her language appropriate of course not. Did she make a mistake in not understanding that in the world we live in something like this could go viral of course! But She is still our Sister and was stressed out and trying to do her job for the chapter. She needs sympathy and caring — remember our oath of friendship… And we all can take this as as a lesson that nothing in writing is private anymore! Clearly the chapter as a whole needs help in handling Greek week and this one young member should not bear the brunt of all our criticism! But should receive our help and support.

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  1. I don’t care what anyone thinks. This girl is what society needs. I good slap in the face. If all Americans had her gusto, we would be a much better country. I think she is awesome.

  2. While I don’t agree with everything you said I certainly agree that this story probably would not have been such a big deal had it been a fraternity leader.

  3. how’d those pictures get online? oh, she posted them herself. she put herself on front street and it’s past time she grew up and realized the internet is not her tool, not her friend and not private.

  4. free speech isn’t universally available. delta gamma is a private organization, even if the university is not private. when you willingly join a private organization – including coop boards and homeowners’ associations – you don’t carry constitutional rights like free speech into the bargain. in joining you agree abide by their rules. you don’t have free speech at work either. besides, the posting of her email led people to her twitter account which was highly offensive, elitist and racist. delta gamma has an image to protect. they can’t do nothing in the face of this much negative press. if you ever have a daughter remind her that actions have consequences, abusive behavior is not acceptable and if she’s gonna blow her stack do it far away from electronic devices of any kind.

  5. If a fraternity brother sent an email like this out, I don’t think anyone would give it a second glance, but (I’m guessing) because the author was a female everyone’s awash in shock and indignation. I thought the letter was brilliant. If the people in charge at the University of Maryland had any balls at all they would have a good laugh at the idea of initiating any disciplinary action against Martinson. But instead it appears they’re throwing this little girl to the wolves to save their own asses from the unending horror of not being at the cutting edge of political correctness. Oh there’s “a team of women” who are “protecting, educating and supporting the chapter members”. I’m curious as to how much protection, education or support Martinson is getting from all this. What a joke! If I ever have a daughter I will NEVER allow her to join a sorority. Apparently the right to free speech for women in this country is conditional on the ability to say things really nicely and to make sure beforehand that everyone really likes what you have to say.

  6. If you look at some of the tweets this girl has put out it before disabling her account, it makes it extremely hard to feel bad for this girl or to believe that this was just a one time rant born out of frustration. She had blatantly racist, hatful, and just all around bitchy comments directed at anyone and everyone on her twitter feed. I truly believe that’s just who this girl is…..a mean girl. That also goes hand in hand with the people complaining about her name being put out there for the world to see. This is young women but she is still an adult and she should no at this point that you don’t electronically say anything that you don’t want the world to see because it will be there forever. Her tweets being the perfect example, damage is already done and even with a deleted account they are still visible so the whole world can see this girl didn’t just lose her cool one time and make a mistake. She is just like this.

  7. But she’s hot. So all is forgiven.

    That’s the way of the world young lady. I’m not saying it’s right….but sadly it is true.

    Until her looks start to go, then nothing will be forgiven.

    That’s also the way of the world.

  8. The problem was not that is was atypical, the problem is that it IS typical but the public isn’t supposed to see it.

  9. What better way to promote the sorority spirit than by punishing a girl who goes against their code of only saying things behind each others back instead of being upfront about it.

  10. I wanted to feel bad for her, because obviously she totally lost her mind, but then I see old tweets from her now disabled Twitter account and it’s hard to feel bad. She comes off as a hateful, racist, mean person. I just don’t feel bad for her when it seems like she really is just an awful person.

  11. When writing a letter to defend someone who just made an ass out of herself in front of the world you should probably remember to proofread

  12. It’s messed up y’all post her name and pictures. The letter itself is one thing. Her face is another.

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