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Samantha Brick now backtracks on American TV: I’m not beautiful!’

Samantha Brick. Image via the grindstone.com
Samantha Brick. Image via the grindstone.com

Samantha Brick can not stop shooting herself in the head…

The nightmare called ‘I should have just kept my trap shut and not crossed the line signed by the spiraling head rush of Samantha Brick has now reached dizzy proportions with her latest attempt to salvage her reputation.

Appearing on this morning’s The Today show with Ann Curry who ironically has her own woes today to deal with (who would of have thought media heads could cause such degree of consternation not me, blah!), Brick ostensibly is seen making an utter mess of her situation. In fact she even takes back that she even said she was beautiful…

huffpo: TODAY’s Ann Curry said that when she first read Brick’s essay she thought it was tongue-in-cheek, and bluntly asked, “Are you serious?” Brick contended that parts of her piece have been “massively misconstrued” and began to backpedal a bit. “I’m not saying that I am attractive,” she said to Curry. “I’m talking about the perception of someone who is considered to be attractive by other men and women and what that does to our society.”

She went on to say that the instances of free bottles of champagne, comped bar tabs and train tickets, which made up a large part of her original piece, weren’t a part of her everyday life in rural France. However, as many commenters pointed out, perhaps the issues Brick raised weren’t the problem but rather the way in which she raised them. When Curry asked Brick whether she was aware of how narcissistic her essay sounded, Brick said:

“Well the piece is a first person piece. It’s about my experience and my life. … Really it was just to trigger a debate, it wasn’t to have a kind of global, vitrolic attack on me as an individual.”

One day when Samantha Brick is relegated to the country town paper writing about the odd death here and there she will sit there and wonder to herself; What was I really trying to prove, what was I trying to say and why couldn’t I just accept in that some parts of the world and probably most parts of the world one is allowed to think and feel as they will but to attempt to pass those thoughts and feelings as some universal truth because I am convinced of it despite empirical evidence to the contrary might not always be the wisest thing to attempt- especially when one is a journalist and not a bum rush reality star desperately in search of having their mug media whored across the landscape.’

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  1. I mean she is ok looking. But, just ok. Nothing particularly attractive about her. Where does she get the idea she is good looking?

  2. Sooo, basically she’s saying she’s not a lousy woman, not a lousy writer, but the world has lousy reading comprehension. Hmmmm. Love the “cracking America” term. Thanks for illuminating, HF

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