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Samantha Brick: ‘This bile just proves I’m right!!’

Samantha Brick is a preferred hawt bixch.
Samantha Brick is a preferred hawt bixch.

Samantha Brick now backtracks on American TV: I’m not beautiful!’

Samantha Brick just another extension of the Daily Mail’s love hate and more hate for women.

And once again Samantha Brick would like to inform us all that she really is a preferred hawt bixch

Oh dear kids, our Samantha  (or rather the Daily Mail‘s) has really managed to do a delicious job of stirring the pot and how after having come out with a 40 000 000 word essay ‘on why women hate her for being so beautiful.’

Having come out with what many thought to be (including yours truly) a novella an essay that spent more time back hand congratulating herself on her supposed beauty and auspicious charm that has men and women alike (until they catch on that Samantha is trying to get their husbands then all hell lets loose) captivated she has woken up the next day to find the world miraculously questioning her sanity.

Well to be precise our preferred hawt bixch has woken up to find herself chin deep in spiteful hate mail. But really can anyone guess why and one supposes as much as tabloid journalists (blah that word again!) can take the piss out on those who dare misbehave in public one also assumes they themselves better be prepared to once in a while receive it when the public deems them to be somewhat balmy loony tunes themselves.

Reflects our preferred hawt bixch (I still adore you Samantha and promise to go on reading the well thought out bunk that you deliver if not to amuse myself- yes, I know I am mean, but I too am a tabloid hawt bixch) : “The past 24 hours have been, to be blunt, among the most horrendous of my life.

“The response it provoked has been extraordinary in its volume and vitriol, and beyond anything I could have imagined when I first started work at my keyboard.”

Vitriol? Is that something one puts in their gas tank to start one’s insanity box in the morning? But really Samantha, what darling did you expect? You can’t hardly go around comparing yourself in public (and on the daily mail no doubt the king of trolls) that you almost approximate the good looks of supermodel Elle MacPherson and then go on to opine that the reason woman hate you is that they are just too jealous and not willing to come clean with themselves. Perhaps they just hate you despite your appearances? Did that ever occur to you Samantha?

Samantha Brick with her French husband Pascal Rubinat

And here’s another response from our preferred hawt bixch that had me questioning whether Samantha had poured a bit too much sugar in her tea (she really must stop comparing herself to supermodels and glamorous celebrities) : If Brad Pitt were to say: ‘Yes, I’m a good-looking fella,’ then the world would nod sagely in agreement. But if Angelina Jolie uttered something along those lines, she’d be subject to the same foaming-at-the-mouth onslaught hurled at me yesterday.

And not one to miss a beat Samantha mentions in her ‘defense part 2 essay’: While I was tearfully dealing with the emails and calls outside the supermarket, a young man approached me, offered to park my car and even get me a coffee.

Well what did you want him to do Ms Brick? Spit at you like the rest of us?

And Samantha continues: Saying she thought the concept was “a taboo that needed shattering”, she admitted she was “fully aware” she was “setting herself up for a fall” but “could never have imagined the fury my piece would spawn.”

Well at least that’s more comments than my sorry ass has ever received for being a retard in public (and I have if you must know Samantha, so don’t feel so bad…). But then again one supposes that in some back handed way the masses do adore you, but not necessarily in the way you imagined them. After all it’s an honorable feat to evince such a resounding reaction to ones musings as to why the world fails to agree with them.

To date according to the dailymail our collective preferred hawt bixch’s essay has induced according to what I have been able to read on the matter 1000 ‘bile filled’ personal emails and over 5000 comments with over 1.5 million reads on her article alone.

Of course being the hack that I am I have gone out of my way for you the reader to provide you with some of the more compelling reactions to Ms Brick and her fantasy world. But then again let’s be honest everyone is entitled to feel the way they wish to feel about themselves even if it just so happens 99 % of the world disagrees with you. Not to fear Ms Brick, when you’re in town, please be sure to pop by and have tea and we can both spend an afternoon in a beauty salon and hope for the best….


“From that article alone, I can think of 15 reasons to dislike Samantha Brick. Her intimidating beauty isn’t one of them.”


“Sorry, but you have obviously printed the wrong pictures for this article. Could you please amend this immediately and upload the pictures of the beautiful woman this article refers to.”


How does your head fit through your office door every morning? Hate to say it Samantha, but your distinctly average looking in my opinion.


I don’t normally write comments but this article was so outrageous, I just had to. I don’t judge on looks, but this writer seems so deluded, I thought perhaps she needed a reality check. Sorry if this sounds mean, but the writer is not that attractive. In fact, she is only marginally ok looking. Her arrogance, however, is breathtaking. Perhaps the reason that other women don’t like her is because she comes across as an unlikeable self-obsessed narcissist?


Was this article a part of April Fools’?

While it’s nice to be confident in your own appearance, there’s a line; once you cross it you transition from confident to arrogant. This article crosses that line completely, in a laughable kind of way. Maybe if she spent less time going on about her looks and saying that people hate her for it, and spent more time being a good friend then her friends would stop hating her. I’m going to say that I think I’m not bad looking in my own way, but I don’t run around arrogantly declaring it, or ‘flirting to get ahead’. I like to think that I can get by on who I am and my own merits rather than constantly using my looks to my advantage. So No Samantha Brick, I don’t hate you for your looks (I should note her that I’m younger seeing at the article stresses about older people), I strongly dislike your attitude. Some women may be a little jealous of another woman’s appearance but more likely they will dislike you for your attitude.

Samantha Brick article leads to the Daily Mail now banning commentators.

Samantha Brick overwhelmingly voted down by dating site beautifulpeople.com

Samantha Brick would like to confess to us its awfully hard being a preferred hawt bixch.




  1. I do think Samantha is pretty, but not nearly pretty enough to intimidate other women. When I lived in NJ, my best friend was a tall, slim, beautiful blonde–much prettier than Samantha. It never occurred to me to dislike her or avoid her because of her looks. Samantha could certainly find female friends who are equally pretty, so she wouldn’t have any of the problems she has described if she hung around with them.

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